Welcome to Cafe Crocs – our little rainforest eatery set under the jungle canopy at Daintree Crocodylus resort.

We believe you deserve wholesome, tasty, delicious and nutritious food no matter your dietary preference. Meat lover, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, celiac, lactose intolerant, or nut allergy, we've got you covered.

Just about everything on our menu is available in gluten free or vegan however if you are not sure about something just ask us – we can help

Breakfast 8-10am

Dinner 6.30-7.3pm

BREAKFAST     served 8-10am

Start the day off right with one of our yummy breakfast options – whether you like a little or a lot we have you well and truly covered


At Cafe Crocs we make our own muesli.  Gluten free and vegan available.  Our yogurt is available in vegan or dairy – just let us know what you want when you order

Fruitand Yoghurt Bowl(V,VG,GF)$10

A bowl of freshly cut tropical fruits topped with yoghurt (optional)

Museli Fruit n Yoghurt (V,VG,GF)$12

A bowl of muesli, yoghurt and fresh fruit


Who doesn't like a pancake for breakfast – sweet or savoury, vegan, gluten free or regular – always delicious!

Choose your topping:

  1. Plain Pancakes n Maple Syrup$10

Tropical fresh fruit, cream or yoghurt$16

Fried bacon (optional), banana and maple syrup$16


FYI our toasts are available in vegan, gluten free, white or wholegrain, just let us know when you are ordering

Just Toast (V,VG,GF) $6

Two pieces of toast served with a selection of spreads

Avo on Toast(V,VG,GF)$10

Smashed avocado with fresh tomato and basil on toast

Eggs on Toast(V, GF)$10

Two eggs on toast – fried, scrambled or poached

Tofu Scramble(V,VG,GF)$12

Scrambled tofu with mushrooms, tomato, onion, capsicum, spinach and toast

Bacon and Eggs(GF)$14

Fried bacon and two eggs served with two pieces of toast

OMG Omelette(V,GF)$14

Three egg omelette with bacon (optional), fetta, mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach, capsicum and onion

V Power(V,VG,GF)$16

Spicy beans, mushrooms, spinach, avocado, tomatoes and toast

Vegie Brekkie(V,GF)$16

Haloumi, mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach, two eggs, and spicy beans on toast

Jungle Warrior(GF)$18

Sausages, bacon, two eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes and toast


Cereal and Banana$7

Just Right with milk and sliced banana

Baby Pancakes$7

A little pancake with maple syrup and banana slices

Egg on Toast$7

One egg with toast soldiers

Toast and Jam $4

Once piece of toast with spread of your choice – vegemite, peanut butter, jam or honey

SMOOTHIES(V,VG,GF)                         $9   

Little boosts of energy and full of all the good things our smoothies will top off a great day any time.  All our smoothies are available with either soy, almond or dairy milk

Very Veggie

Tomato juice plus carrots, celery, and beetroot + Tabasco

Tropical Crush

Mangoes and bananas and yoghurt

Melon Heaven

Watermelon, rock melon, honey dew and yoghurt


Bananas and milk with a dash of maple syrup and cinnamon

Citrus Splash

Fresh pineapple and orange with a tad of ginger and a splash of lime

DINNER...served 6.30 – 7.30pm

PIZZA (only in Off Season) $20 Large

Delicious homemade pizza bases (vegan) topped with lots of yummy stuff  - gluten free bases are available too

Mexican Chicken

Chicken, Red Onion, Avocado, Chargrilled Capsicum, Sour Cream, PeriPeri Sauce

Meat Lovers

Ham, Sausage, Pepperoni, Red Onion, BBQ Sauce, Jalapeños, Pizza Cheese

Happy Hawaiian

Ham, Chunky Pineapple, Pizza Cheese, Fresh Basil (optional)

Very Veggie

Olives, Sundried Tomatoes, Chargrilled Capsicum, Artichokes, Red Onion,  Fetta


Pepperoni, Ham, Mushrooms, Olives, Red Onion, Pineapple, Pizza Cheese

Labne n Rocket

Home Made Labne (yoghurt cheese), Home Made Onion Jam,  Peppery Baby Rocket

SALADS  $17 Lge $12 Reg

Vegies are the staff of life so get a little extra goodness into you with one of our fabulous salads.  All are available vegan, gluten free or dairy free on request

Beetroot n Fetta(V,VG,GF)

Just right for the tropics - baby Beetroot, baby spinach, red onion and fetta dressed with a light balsamic glaze and topped with walnuts

Garden Green(V,VG,GF)

The classic garden salad with a little sweet twist – lots and lots of vegetables  topped with balsamic

Gorgeous Greek(V,VG,GF)

Classic greek salad, so refreshing - kalamata olives, cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce, red onion, chickpeas and fetta (optional) dressed with a light french dressing

MAINS  (served 6.30-7.30)$19 Adult $12 Kids

These change sometimes but usually include the following:

Beef Lasagne

Yummy homemade beef lasagne with a lovely green salad

Thai Green Curry (VG, V, GF)

Delicious hot Thai Green Curry with lots of veges and beans

Morrocan Chicken(GF)

Chicken thighs cooked in a morrocan sauce with red capsicums and a green salad on the side

Plentiful Penne(VG, V)

Penne pasta with sundried tomatoes, olives, spinach, fetta (optional) and red onion, optional meat sauce for the carnivores